Anterior - Biography



The band was formed back in 2003, when a group of teenage friends decided to take their music abilities seriously. Frontman Luke Davies stated in an interview with Metal Hammer magazine

"We'd known each other in school but we put the band together in December 2003. That's when we got serious and started writing our own material and looking for gigs outside of our local area. For the next three years we just practiced regularly, writing new songs whilst doing one-off gigs around the country; just trying to gain as much experience as we could. We decided to take some time off from gigging and concentrated on writing better material, and we recorded another demo."

Although the band started making important actions the last few years. Around late October 2006 the band started writing material. During the end of November 2006, the band signed a contract with Metal Blade Records. In January 2007, Anterior entered the studio to record their first album. Around April-May 2007 the recording process was finished with the mastering being left last.

In May, bass player James Britton left the band due to personal reasons, then re-joined the line-up in September 2007.

Anterior's debut album, This Age of Silence, was released June 12, 2007. Since this release, the band have received positive reviews and started spreading their fame in the Metal Underground Scene.

In September 2007, Steven Nixon (former Mendeed guitarist), joined Anterior.

The band has been touring extensively. On February 25th, they completed their 5 day Indian tour where they Headlined AVALANCHE with Dutch Melodic thrashers Detonation and also performed at East Wind Festival. Currently the band is touring Europe with Himsa and DevilDriver. The band has also confirmed the tour with Dying Fetus this june.

The band's genre has been debated quite a few times with people naming it as melodic death metal, metalcore and thrash metal