Division By Zero - Biography



Division by Zero is a band created by artists who treat music as a constant part of their lives. The band's foundation was a process rich in twists and turns. Before starting the band its members met each other in different, various projects: Leszek Trela and Michal Wieczorek formed Abnormal Fiction. After they split up, Leszek teamed up with Patryk Kumór and they started a band called Hallow. Michal joined the band called Bronx in which Mariusz Pretkiewicz played drums already.

Finally, In march 2003, all four of the guys founded the brand new band called Division by Zero. The name holds a symbolic meaning. Division by Zero is the ability of showing the thoughts through using sounds and divisions which in theory are wrong or impossible to become reality. This sentence defines the musical direction of the band, the genre of progressive rock-metal. In the beginning the arrangements were only instrumental because for various reason the band couldn't find a vocalist who would fit in the band's sound. During that time the guys recorded their first promo EP 'Code of Soul'.

In February 2005, after 2 years of seeking, Division by Zero found their vocalist - Slawek Wierny. When the pieces had been given their final shapes, the band members recorded the set in the MAQ Records studio. Promotional demo 'out of body experience' was the foretaste of what Division by Zero has to offer. The band emphasises the right proportion between the energy being released by the heavy guitar riffs and the atmosphere built with drums, keyboards, bass and vocals. Over a hundred records were send to different corners of the world and the band got a warm reception and many good reviews. In Argentina the portal ENCRUCJADA put Division by Zero on the 3rd place among the newcomers and the student radio ENGIDA interviewed the band. Since the release of 'out of body experience' you can read about the guys in many respectable internet sites and portals like interia.pl or independent.pl and many more.

In November 2006 Division by Zero members penned the deal with Insanity Records. In the meantime the keyboard player Patryk Kumór left the band for various reasons and was replaced by Robert Gajgier In December 2006.

With this new line-up the band works hard on the debut album 'Tyranny of Therapy' which shall be recorded in studio ZED in Olkusz. The cover artwork has been designed by Matias Noren who worked with such artists as Evergray, Derek Sherinian or Ayreon. The new album from the promising band Division by Zero will be released by the end of April 2007.

(source: http://www.myspace.com/divisionbyzeropl)