Anal Stench - Biography




Anal Stench emerged in November 2001 as a project of palled up musicians from known polish metal bands. Their goal was to create brutal stuff in style of Cannibal Corpse and Cryptopsy and beyond any doubt they made it. Along with development of the group its plans evolve to create its own musical identity. The proof is the second album "Red Revolution". However about this one later. Undoubted asset of the group is a fact that its core are always experienced instrumentalists [known from such bands like Thy Disease, Decapitated, Crionics, Sceptic, Virgin Snatch, Serpentia, Death Sea]. The differing thing are two vocalists, so composing new pieces proceeds with taking into consideration arrangement for two voices.

Yet the very first musical accomplishments of Anal Stench were enthusiastically welcomed by local audience in Cracow. Around March 2002 the band entered quite popular Jaro Home Studio and recorded demo "Copro-fuck 997". Stuff was sent to the biggest polish metal-phonographic companies and really turned on producers. Group decided to make a deal with Metal Mind Productions and in October 2002 signed papers. In the beginning of November Anal Stench started works on a debut album in Jarek Baran's Studio. Combinig Jarek's talent and band's potential effected in very heavy stuff with perfect compositions kept in american death metal convention. Just before the recordings Pinokio left the band. His place took Alizee666 of Crionics. The "Stench like six daemons" album was welcomed very well by press and audience. The band did some gigs, e.g. on Metalmania 2003 or with Cannibal Corpse in Katowice.

The turning point in Anal Stench's history was the last and final modification of lineup in 2004. Waran and Alizee666 was replaced by Grysik [Death Sea; Virgin Snatch] and Cloud [Sceptic]. Bass duties was entrusted to Futrzak. Last but mostly noticeable was changing Psycho to Zielony [Virgin Snatch; Death Sea] who now does the vocal job together with Pig (Decapitated). Such established lineup entered [one more time?!] Jaro Home Studio in the end of 2004 and recorded the most red album in history of death metal - "Red Revolution". Final effect is more than good.

"Red Revolution", a middle finger pointed towards years of stalinism in Poland and around the world, is filled with brave and scoff lyrics, solos and diverse two-throat vocals. By adding to this heavy riffs and great drums we get a band that becomes an important representative of polish metal scene. And all of this is caused by a deal made with Mariusz Kmiołek of Empire Records - releaser of "Red Revolution" and manager of the band.