Hacride - Biography



Hacride was formed in 2001 in the French city of Poitiers by Benoist Danneville (bass), Adrien Grousset (guitar), Samuel Bourreau (vocals) and Olivier Laffond (drums). The sound of the well-established Meshuggah, Death and the more recent Strapping Young Lad have been cited as the band as the main influences of their music. In 2003 they released their first promo CD entitled Cyanide Echoes, then produced with Matthieu Metzger. This demo served as the stepping stone to Hacride's national fame, earning them stunning reviews

In 2005, the band appeared on the compilation Revolution Calling with the song The Daily Round through record label Listenable Records. In the same year they recorded their first full length album called Deviant Current Signal and released it with the same record label. The basic idea of recording the band's debut 'Deviant Current Signal' was simple: they decided to use the services of their live engineer Frank Hueso in order to somewhat reproduce the band energy on stage to digital format. The result is an amazing blend of rawness and clarity that really fits the band's offensive yet atmospheric music.[1]. It was not long before Hacride were graced as openers for big acts such as Gojira and Loudblast.The band promoted this album in France and Switzerland through Deviant Tours I and II. They also took part in the 'VS Fest II' at Loco in Paris on the 28th of May, 2006.

In 2007, their second album Amoeba was recorded, again co-produced by Hacride and Frank Hueso and released through Listenable Records. Amoeba is generally described as 'unbelievably diverse', a 'quantum leap' for the band and France's new big metal band [2] (the break-through band of 2007, when compared with Gojira that broke-through in 2006). It is this album, more than the previous ones, that truly make Hacride a progressive, diverse, technical metal band on a par with countrymen Gojira and other big acts. It is so diverse that the band teamed up with 8-piece hip-hop/flamenco Spanish act Ojos de Brujo for the track Zambra creating a song that is truly original.

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