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Winter's Verge - Biography





The Story So Far....

September 2003 saw WINTER'S VERGE founded by George Charalambous (vocals) and Stefanos Psillides (keyboards). Only a short while later, they were joined by guitarist Pericles Mallopoulos. It didn't take long to decide on their musical direction or to begin looking for other like-minded musicians. On an island like Cyprus, however, it proved to be a bigger problem than it would be on the mainland. The next candidate they found was drummer Andreas Charalambous and shortly after this they wrote their first own songs. It soon became clear that they needed to find a bass player pdq, not only to rehearse the songs better but also so that the highly motivated band could play their first live shows. The search took over five months before the right bass player was found in Charis Ioannou. Yet it still took a further year before they judged their first songs to be mature enough to be played live. They quickly won such an excellent reputation on local stages that they decided to record their first demo. The four track CD sold very well and WINTER'S VERGE was also noticed beyond Cyprus's shores. But now the gods threw a rock in their path; Charis was called up for his military service. They quickly found a suitable replacement in Miguel Trapezaris, who brought a lot of experience with him which also benefited the band's entire songwriting. After a further six months they were ready to record their first demo. 'Another Life... Another End' was burned onto CD and was showered with positive reviews shortly after its release. In the meantime WINTER'S VERGE had refined their style and had reached an absolutely professional level. The band were faced with their next big step when another lineup problem reared its head. Guitarist Pericles Mallopoulos also received his call-up papers to the army. The search for a suitable replacement did not take long and Harris Pari, an ambitious guitarist who had gained enough experience during his stint with BAD INFLUENCE was the man of the moment. With more motivation than ever WINTER'S VERGE contacted Limb Music Products (L.M.P.) and the contact resulted in a record contract.

Im September 2007 the band moved into the Prophecy and Music Factory Studios in Kempten in southern Germany, to record their debut album. Under the aegis of no lesser person than MYSTIC PROPHECY's singer, R.D. Liapakis the combo burned their style onto a terrific album. The songs from the previously unreleased demo album 'Another Life... Another End' were completely reworked and re-recorded, and two more songs were selected. 'Eternal Damnation', as the official debut album is titled, shines for its well balanced production, in which harmony and heaviness go hand in hand. From the opener, 'Eternal Damnation' onwards, the band clearly defines where their strenghts lie. Racing riffs and high speed double-bass attacks hammer with no compromise through the loudspeakers. Solid melody lines also have their place and are boosted by scarce but efficiently interspersed keyboard parts. Up-Tempo asskickers such as 'My Winter Sun', 'Get Me Out' and 'A Secret Once Forgotten' are impressive through their stylish riffs and classical-traditional song passages with hymn-like choruses. 'Spring Of Life' has high quality progressive keyboard parts at the ready, which comfortably combine with a very impressive melody. Other songs present a mature, sensitive band moving in a balladesque sphere on songs such as 'Hold My Hand' and 'Can You Hear Me', without indulging in the usual kitschy clichees. And to top it all, the band proves that heavy metal is anything but a humourless, serious genre. 'Suicide Note' closes out this diversified and multifaceted album which one would certainly never expect from a band from Cyprus.

After this five year old journey in the Cyprus metal scene Andreas Charalambous, drums, sadly takes his leave from the band only to find his substitute in the face of Chris Ioannides another superb drummer who brings not only his superb talent into the band but also his judicious and kind ideas.