At Vance - Biography




Power Metal act formerly known as CENTERS. The band includes in its ranks guitarist Olaf Lenk, previously a member of both ZED YAGO and VELVET VIPER. Other personnel number four ex-members of SPIDER in vocalist Oliver Hartmann (who also lists credits with HEAT and MERLIN), keyboard player Uli Müller (also ex-ESCAPE and BREAKPOINT), bass player Jochen Schnur and drummer Jurgen Lucas. Second guitarist König Rainald is ex-CONFRONT.

AT VANCE's debut 1999 album 'No Escape' would ambitiously not only tackle a Vivaldi piece 'Summer' but also an attempt at ABBA's 'Money, Money, Money'. The Japanese version of the album would give listeners there the chance to hear two more covers in SURVIVOR's 'Eye Of The Tiger' and TEARS FOR FEARS 'Shout'. The band would get to grips once more with ABBA on their secound outing 'Heart Of Steel' by taking on 'S.O.S.'

Oliver Hartmann contributed to EDGUY man Tobias Sammet's ambitious AVANTASIA eponymous project album of 2000.

Japanese versions of the 2001 album 'Dragonchaser', issued on the JVC Victor label, boasted an additional track 'Winner Takes It All'. AT VANCE would switch labels from the Shark concern to AFM Records in mid 2001.

AT VANCE formed part of a package billing with RHAPSODY and ANGEL DUST for European dates during April of 2002. The accompanying album, the Sascha Paeth produced 'Only Human', included the by now expected cover version in RAINBOW's hit 'I Surrender'. Japanese versions on the Avalon Marquee label added a bonus track in 'Heroes Of Honor'. Hartmann, Schnur and Lucas would also find space to operate side project band HANZ DAMF. The singer also enrolled as frontman for Italian act EMPTY TREMOR in 2003.

Oliver Hartmann left At Vance and was replaced by Swedish Mats Levén (Krux).
Japanese versions of the 2003 album 'The Evil In You' added an exclusive extra cut in a rendition of DEEP PURPLE's seminal 'Highway Star'.