Svartsot - Biography



Since 2005, SVARTSOT has conveyed their distinctive blend of metal and folk music with a hint of the medieval age. Besides crushing guitars, bass and drums, the music is flavoured with the tones of authentic folk instruments such as whistles, mandolins and bagpipes adding the ruthless medieval feel, and melodies that only a lobotomy can remove from the head. Inspiration for SVARTSOT's lyrics is found in the wealth of Danish folklore and history, and the merciless growled vocals are therefore entirely delivered in Danish. After the self-release of the demos Svundne Tider (2005) and Tvende Ravne (2006), SVARTSOT inked a deal with the renowned Austrian label Napalm Records in 2007. Hereafter followed the release of the albums Ravnenes Saga (2007), Mulmets Viser (2010) and maledictus eris, (2011). SVARTSOT's fourth album, Vældet, is now about to be unleashed soon after the 10th anniversary of the band's existence. The album, which tells tales about bloody murders, wantonness and rituals centred at holy wells in Medieval Denmark, is a break in the pattern: it is the first album to be released under the band's own company, OF WOOD AND IRON PRODUCTIONS, in collaboration with the Hungarian label NAIL RECORDS, which is home to bands such as Dalriada. SVARTSOT is an established name on stages in both Denmark and abroad. The band can thus look back on an extensive back catalogue of tours, shows and festivals (for example tours and shows with bands such as Týr, Alestorm, Negură Bunget and festival appearances at Wacken Open Air, Paganfest extended shows (with Finntroll and Eluveitie), Metalfest Austria, and the Russian Oktobierfest (with Korpiklaani) amongst many others). During the past few years, SVARTSOT has experienced an increase in demand as a headliner both at home and abroad. The band has headlined a number of concerts and festivals in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the UK, amongst other places.