Sworn - Biography



2005 - Genesis:
It all started out as a one-man project by Christoffer Kjørsvik in 2005. After the creation of a couple of songs, he founded Sworn and released the 3-track demo, entitled Night Supremacy. Lars Jensen from Myrkgrav did the vocals on this recording as a session-vocalist. The demo received great feedback, and not long after the release, Christoffer invited his old friend Tom Ian Klungland, who also wrote some lyrics for the demo, to play drums in Sworn, which he gladly accepted. Tom Ian brought with him Gøran Hope and Leif Herland from an old band, and Roland "Røst" Røtne was recruited as the vocalist. Sworn was now a full band.

2006 - New era:
After intense rehearsing, Sworn hit the road and played some live shows around in the Hordaland county, which went very well. The band also planned to re-record the Night Supremacy demo with the full lineup. Later on, new songs were created, and Sworn decided to record a full-length album, instead of just re-recording the old demo. In september 2006, Sworn entered Conclave Media Studio to record the album. At this time, Roland left the band. Lars Jensen, who also did the vocals on the demo, became the vocalist in Sworn, permanently.

2007 - The Alleviation:
In March 2007, Sworn signed a record deal with Twilight Vertrieb. The debut album, entitled 'The Alleviation', was released on the 20th of july, 2007. After the release Sworn got in contact with Torsten, the founder of The Showbiz Management, and lots of shows were planned. Among them a tour with Behemoth, Aborted and Helrunar in Germany. Due to musical issues, Lars Jensen had to leave the band at that time. Therefore, Sworn had no other choice than to find a permanent replacement for him. After a few auditions with a man called Max Wilson, there were really no doubts. This guy was the right man for the job.

(source: http://www.myspace.com/swornband)