Oratory - Biography

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It all started in the year of 1994 when Miguel (guitar) and Marco (vocals) gave form to a project named ORATORY. Their youth and some musical immaturity took them to experiment many varied sounds releasing two demo-tapes ("Enchantation" and "Sarcastic Soul" and participating in the compilation CD "High Radiation II". The live experienceOratory, musical/technical evolution and line-up changes lead the band to start developing their own sound, defined afterwards as "neo-classic melodic power metal".
In 1999 the band played at the Steel Warrior's Festival (with Tarantula, Ancient RitesOratory, etc) and their show was seen by the Portuguese label Recital's A&R manager. A contract was offered and in October'99 they entered the Rec'n'Roll studio to record the pre-production of the debut album. After listening those 3 songs and 1 intro the label decided to release it as an EP called "Last Prophecy". Meanwhile the band opened for the Finnish STRATOVARIUS in Vila das Aves Stadium. The response to "Last Prophecy" was amazing with great reviews from all over the world.

Between March and May 2000 the band was again in the Rec'n'Roll studios with Luis Barros to produce the album "Illusion Dimensions". Meanwhile the label started the negotiations with LMP - Limb Music that after listening the CD offered a license deal.

In September 2000 the album was released worldwide. In Portugal the readers of Portuguese Loud! and Riff magazines acclaimed the band as "newcomers" of the year. The band played several shows in their home country with bands as Tarantula and METALIUM.

In February 2001 the male singer Marco Alves decided to leave the band due to difficulties in conciliating his personal life with the band. The band moved on and Ana Lara became the main singer. In late March the band recorded a cover version of Tarantula's "Lusitania" to be included in this band's Tribute. Until the end of the year the band played several shows in Portugal and Spain, including two acclaimed performances with EDGUY.

In January 2002 the band moved to Germany and recorded their new masterpiece. Powerfull sound, amazing melodies and the unique voice of Ana Lara makes "Beyond Earth" an album that will lead Oratory into success.

In 2004 the band continued doing live dates, hitting the road with the "Beyond: The Tour 2004". After the tour, the band entered studio again completing another EP called "Interludium".

From 2005 to our days Oratory lived hard times trying to found a complete line-up and because of those problems, the band didn't achieve much in the past four years. For now, there is no news of a split-up but as the time runs up, the probability of the band's end increases.