Elexorien - Biography



ELEXORIEN (the Netherlands) was founded in 2004, by Lainedil, Grimbert, Liza and Joris. We play a mixture of power and viking metal, in which the folk- black- and even deathmetal influences play a great part as well. Great songs of battle and epic hymns tell of fantastic stories and wars in ancient times. "Epic Battle metal" would be the best way to describe our music.

Iné - Vocals
Lainedil - Vocals/Guitars
Wolve - Guitars
Liza - Bass
Grimbert - Keys
Merlijn - Drums

We have been influenced by bands such as Thyrfing, Moonsorrow, Bal-Sagoth, and Old Man's Child. Elexorien creates an extremely powerful sound which is jam-packed full of catchy melodies, blazing drums, majestic keys, growls and classically trained female vocals.

Vocalist Iné joined the band in February 2005, and in August of the same year, guitarist Wolve was hailed amongst our ranks. Early 2008, Joris decided to focus on other musical activities and left the band, playing his last show for over 1500 people at Ragnarök Festival in Lichtenfels - a glorious last display of his skills indeed! This, however, did not mean the end of the world and the turning of brother against brother to us, for in the darkest depths of East Groningen, our newest addition to the pack, Merlijn, has been found. Fully armed again, the newly risen storm is ready to ravage stages all over the globe once more.

We have played quite a few concerts all over the Netherlands and beyond, the most memorable ones being the ones along the likes of well-known Suffocation, Ensiferum, Eluveitie and Korpiklaani to name a few, gigs at the Eisenwahn Festival and Ragnarök Festival in Germany, the shows with our most esteemed German allies of Kromlek and of course our Finnish tour with our friends of Kivimetsän Druidi and Shattered Within in February 2008.

Our promo "Rising of the Storm", which was recorded back in May 2005 in Jörg Uken's Soundlodge Studios (Rhauderfehn, Germany) prepared the masses for the coming of the storm. That storm has grown to full destructive titan force in the shape of our full-length self-titled debut album, which has been recorded in the Lodge as well, and was unleashed upon the world on April 13th 2007 on the German Trollzorn/SMP Records label.

There is no place left to run - Elexorien will relentlessly crush all opposing hordes with the full force of Epic Battle Metal.

"Prepare for frenzied slaughter!"

(source: http://www.myspace.com/elexorienband)