Edge Of Serenity - Biography


Edge Of Serenity, active since 2007, under lead of Henk ter Heegde and Wietze Halma, who is since the start the brain behind the music and lyrics of the band.

In 2007 the Edge Of Serenity became reality and was making its first steps, the band gained attention with their [unofficial released] disc -Dying Illusion- around October that year.

Begin 2008 brought a series of european and headlining shows and from April till June recorded their full lenght -The Chaos Theory- at the German Spacelab Studios.

Edge Of Serenity shared stage / festival with bands like:
Behemoth (PL) Kataklysm (CAN) Norther (FIN)
Necrophobic (SE) Alchemist (AUS)
Aborted (BE) Amoral(FIN) Drone (GER)
Leaveys Eyes (DE) Slayer (USA) Death Angel (USA)

(source: http://www.edgeofserenity.com/)