Bahimiron - Biography

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Bahimiron was first conceived by Grimlord (ex-Imprecation) and Brian F (ex-Paragoric) in the early 90's. However, it was not until 2002, and a good deal of time after the first Scandic wave of black metal that Grimlord realized this beast with the likes of Jen Oside and Blassh. For the past, Bahimiron was brought to maniacal fervor inspired by bands like Blaspheme, Beherit, early Emperor, though Bahimiron's members in the 90s would not stay with the band, and the idea was laid to the wayside: better to not attempt than to do so feebly. Years then passed, and after a good long time of spending unquality time with a one Mr. Blaash (who also had just imported a Mrs. Jen Olsen from France), Mr. Grindlord decided to recruit these two like-minded individuals as the pulse of the battery for the bludgeoning Bahimiron division in 2001. At last cohesive, the band then put forth the first demo in late 2002. The necessity of a second guitarist brought Mr. Krag, another ally of Grimlord for many years into the fold. Together this group of like-minded individuals consumes a great amount of whiskey punishing for the only kind of black metal they know how.