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Jacob's Dream is a band that has long been known for its intelligent lyrics and its powerful melodic Metal music. First appearing on the International scene in 2000, the band released it's first three albums on "Metal Blade Records". "JACOBS DREAM (Self Titled) 2000, "THEATER OF WAR" 2001 and "DRAMA OF THE AGES" 2005. After leaving Metal Blade, Jacob's Dream released one independent album called "DOMINION OF DARKNESS" in 2008. Then in 2009 the band released it's latest album "BENEATH THE SHADOWS" on "Retroactive Records" along with it's first ever music Video "WELCOME TO MY WORLD".


Hailing from "Columbus", Ohio" the band began in the late 1990's under the name of "IRON ANGEL". Having learned of another band using the same moniker, the band changed it's name to JACOBS DREAM. Under its new identity the band released an independent DEMO in the late 90's that would grant the band some international attention. After successfully selling a huge number of copies of the Demo, the band was suddenly listening to offers from a handful of Record labels. Eventually the band agreed to sign with "Metal Blade Records".


The bands Self Titled Debut "JACOBS DREAM" was released at the start of the new millennium. Suddenly the Metal world was getting its first real taste of JD. Especially all throughout Europe and Latin America. With David Taylor's high soaring vocals and John Berry's signature use of his guitar Synth to spear head a fantastic sound, the band known as Jacobs Dream had arrived on the scene. Shortly after the release, the band went on a tour of Europe with the bands ARMORED SAINT and BRAINSTORM. The album was receiving rave reviews and the bands international following was growing at a rapid pace.


In 2001 Jacobs Dream found themselves in high demand for more and quickly released it's sophomore album "THEATER OF WAR". During that same year the band was touring The U.S and was also touring their native State of Ohio with a new local act known as BIOGENESIS. Shortly afterward however, popular vocalist David Taylor suddenly announced that he was stepping down just as the band was beginning to write for a third album. This would prove to be a challenge for the band and would send them on a four year hiatus. The fans were left to wonder what the future might hold for the band as well as who might fill the shoes of well loved Taylor as the new front man. The most important question however was, how much would the sound that everyone came to know and love change as a result?<br><br>


Four years later all of those questions would be answered when Jacob's Dream finally announced the arrival of a new front man and the tone for the future was set at last. "BIOGENESIS" vocalist Chaz Bond would become the new voice of Jacob's Dream. Known for his vocal diversity, Chaz would offer a lower key vocal range when compared to David Taylor's high pitched voice along with some unique screams here and there that are not traditionally heard within the genre. Most of the bands 3rd album had already been written with the exception of the song "Spinning Leaf" which was written by Chaz. In 2005, four years after David Taylor stepped down, the third album "DRAMA OF THE AGES" was released. A new era of Jacob's Dream had begun.


After surviving the difficult challenge of announcing a new front man to it's fans, Jacob's Dream had now reached the end of a 3 album deal with METAL BLADE RECORDS. The band had received some offers from Record Labels but ultimately chose to go Independent for the first time since the original Demo. The band would also face the challenge of self producing an entire album from top to bottom for the first time. The result was "DOMINION OF DARKNESS" released in 2008. Due to it's Independent status, the album was not available in stores and could only be bought on line or straight from the band at Live shows. At the start of 20011 Jacob's Dream re-recorded the vocals and guitars for this album and may choose to release the newer version at some point which is expected to have a better Production than the original release.


In 2009, just one year after the bands first Indie release, Jacobs Dream agreed to sign a one album deal with RETROACTIVE RECORDS out of Iowa. This time around the band would go on the difficult task of writing and recording a "Concept" album. Based on a story written by vocalist Chaz Bond, the band recorded its 5th album "BENEATH THE SHADOWS". The story follows a character who becomes a drug addict and loses everything he loves as a result. The album takes the listener on his journey from misery to redemption in Epic fashion. As a precursor to the album Jacob's Dream also filmed it's very first music video "WELCOME TO MY WORLD".


To date Jacobs Dream has traveled to different parts of the World and has performed Live for fans in European and Latin America as well as throughout the United States. The bands World wide fan base continues to grow and ranges from die hards who have followed the band from the beginning to brand new fans who are just discovering the band for the first time. At present, Jacob's Dream is currently unsigned and is now writing for an upcoming 6th studio album. The band has yet to determine whether to sign with a new label or to go indie again for the next album. It should be noted that even though the band suffered through a few lineup changes over the early years, the main core of the band, John Berry, Jon Noble, James Evans and Gary Holtzman have for the most part remained intact throughout the bands history. Also the bands current lineup of John Berry, Jon Noble, James Evans, Gary Holtzman and Chaz Bond have remained intact from 2004 to the present. So here is to the future of Jacob's Dream. Let the Dream live on.....

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