Gorath - Biography





Gorath was spawned by F. Dupont as a one man project in 1995. The first year only brought forth a worthless tape. The songs on "A Winter Slavery" would never be exposed. The next years Gorath shot down its existence and returned with "Haunting the December chords" in 2003. From that date on S. Vranckx joined as a lead singer. The same year Eyes of the Dead Productions released "Haunting the December chords" again as a split CD with the band TOD. One year later, in 2004 to be specific, another split was set. On "The blueprints for revolution" Gorath formed an alliance with pagan black metal band Theudho. And some years later F. Dupont would also join Theudho on bass. Haarbn Productions re-released both demos on a digipack in 2007.

The split resulted in a deal with Black Owl Records. It didn't take long for "Elite" being recorded and released in early 2005. Only this time F. Dupont did the vocals himself. Two years later "Elite" was pressed on vinyl by Fog of the Apocalypse (Nachtfalke, Dark Fortress, Astrofaes,). In 2006 Gorath swapped label and signed to Descent Productions (Ikuinen Kaamos, Cor Scorpii, Mar De Grises,). "The fourth era" became a masterpiece in cosmological black metal, a concept solely based on Mayan science, history and foretold 2012 prophecies. Its successor "Misotheism" had given birth to a whole new concept: heresy throughout history, mythology, legend and lore.

Gorath played gigs in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany. They shared the stage with Dark Funeral, Gallhammer, Skitliv, Secrets of the Moon, Heidevolk, Dimension F3H, Shining and some more.