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Zuul Fx - Biography


Since the release of their first album "By The Cross" in 2005 ZUUL FX made a striking entrance into the metal world not only in France but also in Europe, where they were enthusiastically received. Their live performances reinforced the massive support of the French media: magazines such as Hard Rock Mag and Rock One established the band as the new leader of the scene, while Europe2 TV, M6 Music Rock, MCM and MTV Pulse played all their videos. ZUUL FX was rewarded by being featured on the cover of the magazine Hard N Heavy (November 2006), dedicated to the most important French metal bands. But ZUUL FX have not only been noticed in France: Bruce Dickinson played the album on BBC Radio 1. Key magazines such as Kerrang (UK), Metal Hammer (UK), Rock Hard Germany, Legacy (All), Metal Shock (IT) all praised the quality of their first album.

The new album "Live Free Or Die" has been released in March 2007. Whereas the basic structure remains powerful modern metal - mixing grooves, machines and precise riffs - the new ZFX sound has moved on from early descriptions as the missing link between Slipknot and Fear Factory. In all its various shades and sounds, Zuul FX now fully confirm their seductive potential. For this album, the band did two videos so far : "Fight For The Cause", produced by Xavier Maingon (The Roots) and "I Never Forget", in which they used some images from the french cult movie " Zonzon " directed by Laurent Bouhnik (Select Hotel, Zonzon, 24h dans la vie d'une femme…). "Zonzon" has just been released as a DVD.

With "Live Free Or Die", ZUUL FX is booked on one of the biggest german metal festival, the With Full Force Festival in June 2007. Huge opportunities will show up on this festival : the band was scheduled to play on the Friday and made a great show. The kids loved them so much and the promoter was so impressed that they offered the band the Static-X slot (who had cancelled their european tour) on the Saturday ! Zuul FX played a second show the day after on the Mainstage in front of 40,000 people, with the likes of Lamb Of God, Caliban and Slayer. This performance opened them the doors of a European tour with the famous NY hardcore band Pro-Pain in September and October 2007.

Since ZUUL FX started to tour Europe relentlessly to promote both albums, they have been sharing the stage with the likes of Korn, Machine Head, Gojira, Slayer, Lamb Of God, Trivium, Annihilator, Fear Factory, Motörhead, Hatebreed, Brujeria, Pro Pain, Napalm Death, Lofofora, Eths, Dagoba, Anthrax, and many others. They also played at prestigious festivals: With Full Force (Germany), Fury Fest and Metal Therapy (France).