Decadence - Biography



Decadence is one of the representatives of the new generation of thrash metal. Like classic thrash the band loves the intensity and speed but are adding melodic art and technicality to the genre, dubbed by the band as melodic thrash metal. Decadence is a young band formed in November of 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden. The concept was created by the band's vocalist and manager, Metallic Kitty, and since that time they have worked hard on creating albums and playing live. Better known as a live band, Decadence are better presented to newcomers with their live performances. They love being crazy on stage, headbanging, connecting with the fans and simply having a good time with what they love doing the most.

Death metal is already dominating the metal scene. Scandinavia is flooding with all kinds of melodic death metal bands and the scene will grow even further and even faster in the near future. As a result, the band's goal is to strengthen the thrash metal scene, with a new touch but still rooted in the greatness of the Bay Area scene. The thrash metal scene needs support and Decadence are the band to help it out.

To date the band have released four full-length albums and a demo:

Chargepoint (2009)
3rd Stage Of Decay (2006 limited edition), (2007 Japanese edition), (2008 world-wide re-release)
The Creature (2005)
Decadence (2005)
Land Of Despair (2003)