Gorod - Biography





Gorod, formerly known as Gorgasm in France, formed in 1997. Initially started as a 3-piece, when it came time to record a demo in 2000, a second guitarist was added. Their debut full-length, Neurotripsicks, finally sees the light of day in America, via Willowtip Records. If you want to hear slithery, arthritis-inducing riffs and spirally, harmony-rich arpeggios that truly rape the Rubix cube, Neurotripsicks from France's Gorod is your culprit.

This North American release includes two brand new songs recorded specifically for Willowtip. This is extremely technical death metal at its absolute finest. With the follow up to Neurotripsicks, Gorod have once again hit the jackpot for the ultimate number-crunching spider-fingered death metal sweepstakes with Leading Vision, their sophomore effort for Willowtip.

These Frenchmen have cleverly spiced their diamond-cutting technicality with supercharged pinball machine melodies and fluttering sting ray guitar solos against a backdrop of grooves and bonkers bass playing, not to mention tighter, radioactive songwriting sure to burrow its way into permanent memory. Considering how slippery and complicated Gorod sounds on paper, it's immediately refreshing to be reminded that death metal can be catchy, brainy, and fun all at the same time with Leading Vision. Sure to be one of the best technical death metal albums you've heard in quite some time.