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Grayceon - Biography




Grayceon is Jackie Perez Gratz (also of Giant Squid and the recording cellist of Agalloch, Asunder, Amber Asylum, Cattle Decapitation, Today Is The Day, Neurosis, Om) on electric cello and voice, Max Doyle on guitars and voice, and Zack Farwell on drums.

Grayceon pulls together an extremely diverse range of musical influences and writing styles to create a fresh sound that defies the boundaries of the metal/rock/progressive genres. Compared to Opeth, King Crimson, and Ved Buens Ende, not in sound but in 'feel', Grayceon embraces the hard-to-describe-them definition and expects no hard comparisons to be made any time soon. Alternate low tuning on both cello and guitar, finger picked metal riffs, dreamy double vocals, and unpredictably impeccable drumming all meet to give Grayceon their unique sensibility.

Conceived on New Year's Eve 2005, it took another year for the band to actually take shape. In 2006, Grayceon named themselves, played they're first show and made a demo to be given out to anyone who wanted to listen. Landing a record deal and booking agent within the first few months of the year, the band continued to write and was on their first US tour when their self-titled, debut album was released in February 2007 on Vendlus Records. Later that year, Grayceon teamed up with the band Giant Squid to record another new track for a 7" split, entitled The West, which came out on Squid's [then] label, The End Records.

Seeing no rest for the wicked, Grayceon continued to write and their sophomore release, This Grand Show, came out in November 2008 also on Vendlus Records. Several West Coast and US tours later, Grayceon has just returned from their first European tour and is currently finishing mixing their third album, to be released in March 2010 on Profound Lore Records.