Momentum - Biography

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The bands lifespan is not long, Momentum came to life through well known bands in the Icelandic scene, all quite different from one another so it came quite clear early on that this band could not be overlooked as something stale or "a thing done so many times before". Founded in 2002 as a one man blackmetal project but later developed into a fully orchestrated band named Afsprengi Satans. Finally with a name they started working on making material so they could atleast play their songs live, after a few gigs they started getting noticed, at first by other bands and later by fans. Very quickly they had established a name for themselves as a really good live act. In early 2004 they felt they had enough material for a demo, so they started recording the demo which they named "Death To Christianity", later that year it became clear that the members of the band Myrk couldn't work together, when Ingvar heard of this he asked the guys if they didn't want to join the band as members, since they already were technically in the band they all agreed to become full members. Soon after this arrangement the band started progressing in a totally different direction so it came apparent that the band could not quite fit into any genre but it rather seemed to be a mix of many worlds, Inhabiting the worlds of blackmetal, thrash, math, and death metal for instance. Since they weren't any more a black metal band they agreed on that a new name was needed, and Momentum was born. Though Momentum may never have been a make-up wearing run-of-the-mill kind of blackmetal band strong blackmetal lyrical influences, atmospheric themes and ethics are still today dominating