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Amon Din - Biography

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The story of Amon Din began in the woodlands of northwestern Serbia where a powerful musical creation is born out of a pure burning desire to play death metal. In January the year of our Lord 1996 the band enters the studio for
the first time and record their first untitled demo recording. In a short time their unique melodic Deathrash style is enriched with the addition of keyboards, which subsequently leads to many innovations in their sound. Mid 1997 sees the birth of their second demo tape and a very first live recording titled Live In Central Club, where a substantial musical maturing could be felt. During that time AMON DIN gets the reputation of a very active live band playing many live shows in front of the audiences all over Serbia. In January of 1999, AMON DIN enters Casablanca studio in Belgrade, where their very successful and critically acclaimed debut is conceived. The recording process is put on hold in April of 1999 when the NATO pact attacks the country causing the recording to be delayed until the November of 1999. The Melodic Death Metal monster called Dinamoneyezed finally scars and maims fans and is unleashed upon the unsuspecting public in the very last few days of the 20th century. Christophe Szpajdel who did logos for such names as Emperor, Covenant, etc. designs a logo immediately after hearing the record and the cogs are set motion. With the release of the DIY tape, AMON DIN starts participating on metal compilations around the world. In the meantime Dinamoneyezed becomes one of the best selling underground records in Serbian history. The band sells several thousand copies on their home turf alone, achieving somewhat of a commercial success as well as securing a large base of devoted fans. All the hard work and bleeding fingers over the past few years seem to have started paying off in the early 2002 when the band plays as a support act for a metal legend, original Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno. Unfortunately shortly after, due to line up changes and military obligations the band is forced to put their work on hold. Then in the early 2004 the band records a song "When The Sky Is Bleeding" for Multimedia/Universal Records compilation titled Forces Of Anger and receives an amazing response from journalist and fans all over the world which encourages them to work the hardest they have in their 10 year carrier. Multitude of very successful live shows that follow finally allow AMON DIN to claim their well deserved throne at the top of the underground music scene in the country, claiming the title of "The Leading Death Metal act in Serbia." Immediately after, they play several sensational shows, culminating in an impressive performance at EXIT festival, playing right after the Gods of Thrash Metal
SLAYER. That night saw them sharing the stage with Death Metal's own Napalm Death, as well as Agnostic Front in front of over 5000 raging fans. They close a great year with an excellent performance as a supporting act for VITAL REMAINS, a legendary death metal act from USA. Year 2006 writes a new page in their career. The time comes for Dinamoneyezed to be re-released in CD format by Walk Records on the first day of 2006. The now re-mastered Death Metal masterpiece receives great acclaim from journalists and fans across the world, all the while the band continues writing the material for their second release and doing what they do best - playing in front of live audiences. The metal machine enters a studio with a steady line-up and while making no compromises records their second full length album, the punishing Death Metal work of art entitled "Where The Dreams No Longer Exist." The album takes you on a journey through Serbian history, present and the past, the physical and the metaphysical with their unique, fresh and original ear piercing musical style. The band decides to go back to the basics excluding the keyboards from the recording making the sounds even more personal and in your face. They take a few days of from the recording process to play alongside the Titans of Death Metal world Morbid Angel, making some very important connections which will prove very valuable in the future. While the album is being mastered in Florida USA by Morbid Angel's producer the band embarks on the South Eastern leg of Poland's best metal act Vader making their presence known outside the boundaries of Serbia at last. The band is currently looking for a record label that will help them spread the disease and reach the live audiences all over the world. They promise to deliver the insanity branded with the utmost quality death Metal in the future and we can truly and easily believe them!!!