Vulture Industries - Biography





Vulture Industries explore a gloomy musical landscape. Since the band formed in 2002, they've stood out in the Bergen music scene with they're doomy, progressive and different approach to metal. Their sound is a unique mix of extreme, melodic, symphonic, industrial and somewhat experimental metal. Even though Vulture Industries is a quite young band they have a lot of experience, and consists of current and former members of Sulphur, Black Hole Generator, Malice In Wonderland, Enslaved (session), Taake (session) and Syrach.

After one demo and one EP, the debut album, "The Dystopia Journals", was released on Dark Essence Records in September 2007 to rave reviews. The album release was followed up with touring in Europe together with Helheim and Dark Fortress, and a second and third tour planed together with Helheim, Atrox and Cor Scorpii. Following the success and great feedback from fans and press for the Dystopia Journals, the band is currently working on the follow-up planed for release in 2009.