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Evil Masquerade - Biography





Evil Masquerade was founded in the summer of 2003 in Copenhagen by guitarist Henrik Flyman (ex Wuthering Heights, Moahni Moahna, ZooL). He hooked up with Dennis Buhl (now in Hatesphere) behind the drums, Kasper Gram on bass and Lokal singer to record the bands debut album. It was released early 2004 under the name "Welcome to the Show". It almost immediately received worldwide recognition and made the charts in Japan at no 8. Only a year later it was followed up with their second album "Theatrical Madness". Soon after, a couple of line up changes took place and new singer Apollo Papathanasio and bass player Thor Jeppesen entered the studio with Flyman and Buhl to record the album "Third Act" which took the band to the next level when it was re-released 2007 (a year after the original release date in Europe and Asia) on a much positive US market. Flyman never left the studio and wrote their fourth studio album "Fade To Black" which was recorded by yet a new lineup, with only vocalist Apollo and Flyman himself as the remaining members. New drummer is Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye, Tears of Anger, ZooL) and new bass player is Johan Niemann (Therion, Hubi Meisel, Demonoid, Mind's Eye). Special guest on keyboard is the legendary Tony Carey (Rainbow).

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