Hexen - Biography




Hexen is a L.A. based metal band that fuses the elements of Melody, Heaviness, Speed, and Technicality within the lair of Thrash.

Started out in 2003 when the southern California scene was just a baby, Hexen soon became a key player in the metal re-emergence. Playing club after club, independently releasing EP after EP of newer and constantly evolving material, they stood in the middle of the over-saturation as LA's prime Melodic Thrash Metal band. Persevering through line-up changes, the band recruited better and better musicians along the way to form their best line-up yet. Now backed by a label; Old School Metal Records, the band will finally showcase a compilation of their best tracks onto the world stage in their debut entitled "State of Insurgency".

Hexen's influences include a very wide spectrum of sub-genres spanning from Thrash to Extreme/Black. They have also been known to put more thought and imagination into their lyrics than your average thrash band. With subject matter expressing their cynical take on politics and inner struggles, the themes include quite strong social commentaries. While a surplus of LA bands are currently in futile attempts to reanimate the 80's by cloning styles and riffs of bands at the time, Hexen incorporates all the best aspects of the art to form original music of a new and refined sound essential to their brand of metal, while retaining the hardcore spirit of thrash's originally loud, rebellious, chaotic premise.

The future looks promising for Hexen, finally with the backbone of a label to help them get their music out and tap into the metal world. Already working on what is going to be a ground-breaking follow-up album which is sure to change the history of Los Angeles metal, the sky is the limit for this band. They would like their gratitude to all their friends and family and the fans for believing in them to be known.

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