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Kypck (Kursk in the Western alphabet) is a Russian-singing Finnish doom metal band formed in 2007, recording their debut album "Cherno" in the same year of the band's inception. Kypck's crew features vocalist E. Seppänen, guitarist S. S. Lopakka (Sentenced), bassist J. T. Ylä-Rautio and drummer K. H. M. Hiilesmaa, who is also a renowned producer for HIM, Lordi, Sentenced, Moonspell, Apocalyptica, and many others. It was decided that Hiilesmaa would also be responsible for Kypck's production, which has been described as "uniquely grinding".

The dry dock for Kypck was built in 1999 while S. S. Lopakka and K. H. M. Hiilesmaa were working on Sentenced's "Crimson". They talked about making music that would be very desolate and dark, with a raw, yet massive sound incorporating doom metal elements while still having a very unique character. It took a while until first parts of Kypck could be assembled, but the blueprints for it were taken out of the vault every time S. S. Lopakka and K. H. M. Hiilesmaa met; however, because of the two engineers' tight schedules, it took until January 2007 for words to be put into action. It was also the point in time where they decided the language of Kypck would be Russian to set them apart from other metal bands.

This was all before Seppänen came into the picture, and it seemed quite a quest to find a vocalist who could sing in fluent Russian. After all it didn't take longer than a week. Seppänen has lived in Russia for for more than two years, studied in St. Petersburg and worked at the embassy in Moscow. He recently got his degree from Oxford and teaches Russian in Tampere, Finland as a part-time job. A long-time friend of Hiilesmaa, Ylä-Rautio (who plays a 1-string bass called Kypcklop) completed the crew. Finnish UHO Production was so excited by the sole idea that they signed Kypck without having even heard a note of the band's music. In addition to a unique bass guitar, Lopakka plays an AK47-shaped custom baritone guitar named "Lopashnikov", built by Amfisound Guitars.

Having just formed in January 2007, Hiili was already recording his drum tracks for the band's debut album in May. The rest of "Cherno" was recorded in July. The album was mixed at HIP Studio and mastered at Finnvox Studios during the autumn of 2007. Upon its Finnish release on March 12th 2008 it went straight to #11 in the Finnish charts. The booklet of "Cherno" features all lyrics in Cyrillic Russian with English translations while Century Media's version also includes the video clip for "1917" as a CD enhancement. Sing-along versions of the lyrics can be found at Kypck's Ground Zero (

Having acquired positive feedback from their debut album, Kypck have since announced they are recording their follow-up album and hope to release it in the near future.

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