Sethian - Biography



Sethian first saw the light of day in 1998 in the small finnish town of Savonlinna, when two old friends (Wilska and Koponen) started discussing a band, based on good solid music and songs rather than an image. The birth of Sethian was imminent when the band that they both were in at the moment, Nattvindens Gråt (Wilska as the voice and Koponen as the guitarist) broke up. The first years of the band went in search of "a few good men", and their first demo (later published on the Black Widow Records compilation "Not Of This Earth") was made with a couple of old friends, Tuomas Holopainen from NG and Nightwish, and Sami Karttunen (later the drummer of Disco).

The search for a stable line up continued, and the gentlemen were also a part of the heavy metal band Wizzard at the same moment, releasing two albums and touring (and partying) heavily. After Wizzard faded out, time had come to put in another gear. The line up had in the past years grown with Jalasmäki (then bassplayer) and Kautonen (guitar), but the drummer-issue was hard to figure.

The Dream Domain promo was recorded in the end of 2001 with Karttunen and Holopainen in the studio, and with some help from an other old friend, Mr. Kärkkäinen on additional keyboards. This promocd earned the band a small but fanatical following around the globe, given out as mp3's through the webpage. It also resulted in some offers for a deal, of which the one proposed by Spinefarm was taken up. Before the studio, as we still had no permanent drummer, we finally got the brainstorm to ask our old friend Jukka Nevalainen of Nightwish to join us. He answered with a loud "YES" instantly and the recordings for our debut "Into The Silence" could begin. The album was recorded at the legendary SundiCoop Studios in Savonlinna by Tuomo Valtonen and later mixed at Finnvox in Helsinki by Mr. Mikko Karmila. The keys were still played by Mr. Holopainen, as we asked him to do one or two songs, and he did 'em all! Too much fun to stopů

Before the release we realised that recreating the sound live needed three guitars, so Jalasmäki (who also played guitars on the album) gave the bass to our latest member, Mr. Sam Silvennoinen (also in Agon). After the release of the debut album the band is hard at work, rehearsing and working to make it happen where it counts, in front of the live audience.