Ablaze In Hatred - Biography





Ablaze In Hatred was born in the year 2004 (Helsinki, Finland). Two friends, Juhani Sanna and Mika Ikonen, had a desire to create music, which was dark; slow; heavy; and atmospheric.

In the autumn of 2004 Ablaze In Hatred began to write music for their first promo release. Early the following year new material was ready to be recorded in a studio.

In the spring of 2005 drummer Antti Hakkala (Searing Meadow) and bassist Miska Lehtivuori (Fall Of The Leafe) joined the band.

In August 2005 Ablaze In Hatred went to the studio to record their first promo CD, called Closure Of Life. The songs were recorded at Noisecamp Studios with producer Kari Nieminen. The result of that session was three songs over 20 minutes of slow and gloomy death/doom with growling vocals.

In September 2005 Closure Of Life was released. The release gained a very positive response from the doom metal scene.

In October 2005 the band signed a deal with Firebox Records and started to write/finish the material for the full-length album. The debut album, entitled Deceptive Awareness, was recorded in June 2006 and was released in early October 2006. They followed that up with The Quietude Plains in 2009.