Bison B.C. - Biography


When Bison B.C. took its first step, amps were scorched and drums were smashed. Born of the ashes of seminal Vancouver skate-thrash band S.T.R.E.E.T.S., Bison B.C. are every headbanger's dream. Their riffs are colossal and flow like a mighty river into a sea of fuzzed out shredding. Their message is punk rock angst and revolution, with the occasional nod to white wizards, the king of swine and a mythical beast called the "Stokasaurus". Their debut album, Earthbound, captured their massive live sound on tape, garnering international recognition and a deal with Metal Blade Records. Bison B.C. recently finished recording their Metal Blade debut, Quiet Earth, with Jesse Gander (3 Inches of Blood, Subhumans, Mass Grave, S.T.R.E.E.T.S.) at The Hive Studios in Burnaby, BC. Quiet Earth features the band's trademark crushing sound and will be made available everywhere September 30th 2008. This is definitely a band for fans of doom, stoner rock, sludge, and good old fashioned heavy metal.

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