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Gone Postal - Biography




Gone Postal was originally formed under the name My Shattered Dreams, as a hardcore/groove metal project between guitarists Haukur and Nökkvi, in late 2006. It was just an idea at the time, just a mutual thought between two friends, but developed into a more focused plan when they saw the hardcore band Klístur play, resulting in the recruitment of Tobbi (Klístur's singer) a man with a more bear-like vocal style than human. As soon as they found a place to practice things started rolling towards progression. Haukur recruited Jonni, a drummer he had known for years, but Jonni left after a few weeks, simply because he didn't care for the direction they were heading towards, but with no hard feelings. His departure resulted in the arrival of Stebbi (Klístur's drummer) to the fold, bringing speed, heaviness and tightness to the music. Finding a bassist was not an easy task to overcome. First, around Jonni's time in the band, Gísli (Atrum) showed up for a few rehearsals, but left very soon. Some weeks or months later, Karl (ex-Withered) joined in for a few months but like Gísli, he moved on to other things. Then our good friend Úlfur played the bass on a couple of shows before Ending Credits' bassist Danni filled the gap as a session bassist but recently parted ways with Gone Postal.

As said before, Gone Postal started off with some hardcore material, but soon developed a more brutish sound, resulting in a mixture of brutal death metal and some grindcore, with both melodic and brutal influences.

In January of 2008, Gone Postal started working with Jóhann (Ex-Changer) on a full-length album entitled "In the Depths of Despair", that was released via Molestin Records the 2nd of December 2008.