Resurrected - Biography



Resurrected startet in late 1993 by Carsten Scholz (vocals), Michael Scholz (drums) and Thomas Granzow (guitar). Always willing to play brutal and uncompromising Death-Metal we've released three demo tapes until 1996, the "Darkside of reality" demo in 1994, the "Sinner of an unable god" demo in 1995 and finally "The lament configuration" tape in 1996 which are all sold out now. After releasing this demo we've been signed to "Underground Promotion" for one 7" EP. This EP entitled "Bloodline" has been released in December 1997, containing four tracks of brutal death metal. Gaining attention of several record labels we finally signed to the German label Eaststar Records for three full length albums.

Our first full length entitled "Raping whores" came out in December 1998. It received nearly overwhelming reviews in the German metal press and so Resurrected's reputation as a brutal Death Metal band spread all over Europe. Due to lots of problems with distribution and financials we decided to cancel our collaboration with Eaststar Records in summer 1999 and signed to the German label Perverted TASTE. Because of their good distribution structures with a major distributor in Europe we and Perverted Taste decided to reissue our debut album on CD and limited Picture LP.

The follow up "Faireless to the flesh" then came out in January 2000. After touring in Europe a lot and playing several big festivals including Milwaukee Metal Fest XIV in 2000 overseas we threw our third album "Butchered in excrement" upon mankind in June 2000. Motivated by top ratings of the international metal press and great fan response worldwide on this album we walked the path to our next work: "Blood spilled". This awesome record marked a big step for the band; recorded by Hans Pieters At the legendary "Excess Studio" (Sinister, After Forever e.g.) in Rotterdam the sound on this record just became crushing. The music fills the gap between groovy mosh parts, technical class and brain crushing brutality just perfectly.  Reviews and feedback on this album even exceeded those if its predecessor. As the Open-Air season of 2003 was very successful for us we came to the decision to release a DVD as one of the first death metal underground acts; "Stillborn Penetration"
contains two complete live appearances from 2003, "Party-San Open Air" and "NRW Deathfest".

Late 2004: Ben Bays joined the band to take over the bass duties after his big brother Stefan Bays retired from music business. In 2005 we focused on songwriting again in order to release our fifth studio full-length „Endless sea of loss". As we parted ways with Perverted Taste in 2004 it was time to find a new partner for us - so it was time for the famous German cult label MORBID RECORDS in 2005 who "shanghaied" us because of our three track label promo "MMV" from 2005 including three new brutal death metal tracks !

Right before recordings started our friend and drummer Michael unfortunately left the band for health and personal reasons so he had to be deputized immediately by Adriano Ricci (Grind Inc./Night In Gales) as session drummer for the "Endless sea of loss" drum recordings which happened in the band's own „Catacomb Recordings" studio. After finishing the production at Germany's legendary „Soundlodge Recordings" we can say the audience can await our most brutal and a grown-up death metal tank so far in October 2006 ! The evil killer artwork has again been committed by Juanjo Castellano, who's been responsible for the"Blood spilled" cover art already.
During the production process we've found a new permanent, high-talented drummer in Hazim Fouad hailing from German's Thrashers "Skullbreaker".