Profetus - Biography




Profetus was founded in midwinter 2006 in Tampere, Finland by A. Mäkinen & S.Kujansuu. Idea was to perform Funeral Doom in the classic Scandinavian vein, with influences from the Finnish originators of the scene - namely Unholy,Skepticism and Thergothon but also some legendary British Doom Metal groups like My Dying Bride and Esoteric.

Yet relying to both their own expression and avoiding of becoming a weak imitation or remake of classic Funeral Doom groups; Profetus has also took some individual steps concerning their own creation in Funeral Doom sound, leaving also some doors opened and musical goals uncompromised.

Musical roots of the members are based on the Finnish underground black/death metal scene, which also lays a strong effect of rawness on the solemnly forged sound of Profetus.