Fferyllt - Biography




The story of the band with mysterious name "Fferyllt" traces its roots back to late autumn of 2003, when keyboarder Dmitry Eliseev (Diarmaid) began to think about the creation of a musical project, which its main concept would be his native religion - Western-European Paganism. The path of it lies to the distant North, through the traditions of Norsemen and Celts. As such, Asatru and Druidism became main burdens in Diarmaid's songs. The first staff had gathered in spring of 2007. The members were: singer Yanina Zelenskaya (Astrid), guitarist Alexey Godlevsky, bassist Alexander Lebedev, singer Rustam Borzov (Ragnar), guitarist Andrew Avdik, and keyboarder Dmitry Eliseev.

After several gigs in this staff, the band begins recording its debut album called "Dance of Druids". The spirit of the album is West-European folk instruments, such as bagpipe, whistle and bodhran, as well as variations of celtic tunes. After signing a deal with the label Stygian Crypt Productions in August 2008, bassist Alexander Lebedev, singer Rustam Borzov, and guitarist Alexey Godlevsky had to quit Fferyllt. Following this, new members had joined the band - drummer Evgeniy Martynov, guitarist Georgiy Tsedov, and bassist Sergey Gritsai.

On February 9th, 2009, the band's members' most wishful event came true - Fferyllt's debut album "Dance of Druids" was brought out on Stygian Crypt Prods. At the same time the band releases its first promo-video for the song "Yule". Soon after the release, drummer E. Martynov and bassist S. Gritsay left the band. And soon after that the band says farewell to another members - guitarist A. Avdik and singer Y. Zelenskaya.

In December 2009 two members - Alexander Lebedev and Alexey Godlevsky returned into the band's staff, and a new member, who had taken a part in songwriting for the debut album, Alexander "O'Kella" Davtyan, joined the staff again. On December 31st, the band grants to its listeners an internet-single called "Thurisaz".

At the moment the band works at its second full-length studio album which has to be released in 2010.

(source: http://www.fferyllt.net)