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Cianide - Biography



Chicago's Death Metal legend, formed in 1988 by guitarist Scott Carroll and bassist/vocalist Mike Perun, was founded upon a vision of creating the heaviest Death Metal in existence!
The world's first lethal dose of Cianide came in the form of 1990's 'Funeral' demo. Picking up where bands like Venom and Hellhammer left off, Cianide was the fix death addicts worldwide were craving. The band was solidified with the addition of drummer, Jeff Kabella. The three went on to abuse this planet with 1992's punishing debut opus, 'The dying truth', and again in 1994 with 'A descent into hell', thus establishing Cianide as North America's premiere dealers of heavier-than-hell Death Metal.

The following year saw the departure of Jeff from the band and a beginning of a new era. Determined to continue delivering their balls-heavy brand of Death Metal to the black masses of the world, Mike and Scott recruited metal drummer extraordinaire Andy Kuizin and the line-up was again complete. The three wasted no time writing new material and entered the studio in late 1995. The result was a sleek new sound for the band: 'Rage war 1996'. Cianide proved once and for all that Death Metal, when played well and with conviction, is the most powerful form of music known to mankind!

Basking in the triumph of their latest release, the three decided it was time to raise the stakes by adding a second guitarist to further reinforce their already formidable wall of sound. A long-time member of the Chicago metal scene and a veteran of numerous Death Metal outfits, guitarist Jim Bresnahan was the perfect choice. Now a four piece with the experience and talent on their side, Cianide would be unstoppable. This prophecy came to pass with 1998's 'Death, doom and destruction'. With their ever-present formula of killer, catchy riffs, skull crushing arrangements and mind-numbing heaviness, Cianide had yet again provided a Death Metal masterpiece for ages.

In 1999, Merciless Records contacted the band and Cianide signed a record deal. 'Divide and conquer' was recorded and released in 2000, and got well-received throughout the scene. The distribution was good, and the band's following grew rapidly. Soon the band started writing and rehearsing new material for a next full length. Songs were completed and the new album, 'Hell's rebirth', got recorded, with advance copies to shop around to labels worldwide. From Beyond Productions heard the advance,
recognized the sheer intensity of the material, and a deal was closed soon thereafter. The album will be presented as CD and limited LP. With 'Hell's rebirth', Cianide again stays true to their initial intentions to create pure and heavy doom death for those who can appreciated things the old school way!