The Eyes Of A Traitor - Biography

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British metal crew The Eyes Of A Traitor have always been a few steps ahead of their age bracket, signing to respected European label Listenable (Gojira, Textures) and releasing a debut album - 2009's 'A Clear Perception' - before a single member of the band was 18 years old.

Indeed, by the time they were just about averaging drinking age, The Eyes Of A Traitor found themselves touted by critics and fans alike for their youth-belying technical prowess, touring across the UK and Europe alongside the revered likes of Gojira, Your Demise, Emmure and The Chariot.

Whilst all this adds up to a pretty impressive résumé for a metal band so young, these feats proved conducive to a pressure cooker environment when the time came for the Hertfordshire based quintet to create a new full length.

But, rather than crumbling under the pressures of following up a critically acclaimed debut and satiating their own creative urges to progress, The Eyes Of A Traitor positively thrived, stepping up to the task at hand and channelling the weight of their own expectations into their song-writing.

The result of this creative alchemy is the brazen heft of Traitor's second album 'Breathless', a head pounding assembly of raw fury and cavernous grooves, militaristic precision and throttling urgency - its cocktail of contradictions and contrasts the explosive by-products of the challenges the band faced in its creation.

Recorded at Reading's Outhouse Studios (Architects, Your Demise, Your Me At Six), 'Breathless' sees The Eyes Of A Traitor leaving their would be peers choking on a dust cloud, the album a persuasive showcase of irresistible riffs, nuanced song-writing and intoxicating energy.