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Sébastien Pierre and stéphane Peudupin , both members of french doom/death metal band ' Inborn Suffering ' , decided in August 2007 to create a band mixing rock, scandinavian death and catchy melodic death rhythms : Fractal Gates.

After several line-up changes , the formation was confirmed with Arnaud Hoarau on rhythmic guitars and Antoine Verdier on bass , all supported by Stéphane on lead guitars and Sebastien on vocals. Fractal Gates' concept is about science fiction , alien life form , esoterism and ancient civilizations.

The warm welcome of the first 4 tracks demo end 2007 marked the beginning of a long process of writing and recording that would lead to the production of the 1st full length album. In august 2008, the group collaborated with the Hybreed studio and Andrew Guillotin ( 7th nemesis , Glorior Belli, Carnal Lust, Temple of Baal ) who was responsible for the recording and mixing .

The mastering was handled by Jacob Hansen, ( Volbeat , Pestilence , Deadlock ). 'Altered State of Consciousness' was born . This album was distributed by labels Rusty Cage Records (Netherlands) and Great Dane Records(France). In August 2012, after a long period of composition led by Sebastien and Stéphane , the band returned to studio to record their second album: Beyond the Self . It was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö(Edge of Sanity , Pain , Opeth), who also put his voice to two songs : Everblaze ' and ' Mighty Wings ', Cheap Trick's Top Gun Soundtrack ) . Sotiris of ' Septic Flesh ', also kindly participated in this album with 2 solo guitars on the song ' Timeless' .

This period also marks the arrival of our new drummer : Jeremy Briquet, formerly of Soul Betrayed . 'Beyond the Self' was distributed by Great Dane Records from February 2013 to december 2016. The album received pleasant reviews worldwide and our fanbase has increased even more.

After a long pause, due to work and availability, Fractal Gates decided to create some new material because a lot of new ideas and creativity were kicking in. On february 2017, Stéphane Peudupin and Sébastien Pierre decided to start composing for the 3rd album "The Light That Shines". After 11 months of composition, the band finally entered studio to record the album on february 2018. Fractal Gates then decided once again to have their album mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö since the band loved his work on the previous CD. The result is over 44mn of energetic dreamy scifi melodic death metal !

The new Opus has 2 guests : Jari Lindholm from Enshine (solo on "The Light That Shines) and Ben Ellis of Scar Symmetry (Solo on "Arise").
Fractal Gates signed on Rain Without End Records and plan to release the 3rd CD on the 15th may 2018 ! A reedition of the sold out Beyond The Self CD is also planned for 2018.

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Chronology of the band :
Start 2009 : release of a 4 title demo.
Mid 2009 : release of the 1st album "Altered State of Consciousness" 50mn of explosive melodic death metal energy, out on Great Dane Records and Rusty Cage Records (rip).
2013 : release of the 2nd album "Beyond The Self" out on Great Dane Records.
2018 : Fractal Gates signs with Rain without end records and releases mid may 2018 the 3rd album : "The Light That Shines". A reedition of the previous album "Beyond the Self" is also scheduled for mid 2018.