WildeStarr - Biography




WildeStarr hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, and was Formed in 2003 by metal veteran and original Vicious Rumors bass player Dave Starr, and studio vocalist/keyboardist London Wilde. The two are long time friends, going back to 1988 where they met at a local rock club in San Francisco called The Stone.

It wasn't until 2003, when London was engineering Starr's bass tracks for an upcoming Chastain album In An Outrage that the two began talking about forming a band together.

With Starr handling guitars and bass, and Wilde on vocals and keyboards, the duo released their first demo single in 2007 called "Generation Next". The tune quickly recieved over 20,000 plays on the bands MySpace page, and encouraged the band to release a full length album.

Joined by drummer Jim Hawthorne in 2008, the band began recording Arrival, a dark, atmospheric, powerful and driving 10 song LP. The album was completed in late spring 2009, and self released on Furnace Maximus Records in August 2009. Arrival received world wide critical acclaim, and charted number 8 in Burrn! Magazine's Japanese import list in Feb 2010. The band released a video to go with the album's single "Arrival" in January 2010.

The band returned to the studio late 2010 and began writing material for their next album, this time joined by drummer Josh Foster. The new album entitled A Tell Tale Heart is a journey through heart break, betrayal and madness, inspired by the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. The new record features a heavier more modern sound, and was released in August 2012.

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