War - Biography




Stockholm's War, also operational under the billing Total War, is a deadly assemblage of Abruptum, Vondur and Ophthalamia members It (Tony Särkää) and All (Jim Berger) together with Hypocrisy and The Abyss men Peter Tägtgren on drums and bassist Mikael Hedlund with former Dark Funeral guitarist Blackmoon (David Parland).

US label Necropolis Records issued debut album Total War in 1998, followed by We Are War, featuring the Sodom cover version "Bombenhagel", in November 1999. The two albums would be combined, as Total War, in 2001 dubbed We Are...Total War.

Särkää would also activate a new thrash/trad rock venture entitled The 8th Sin during 2004, signing to Black Lodge Records for the Sinners Inc. album.

(Source: MusicMight (ex-Rockdetector), 17.5.2014)