Brodequin - Biography

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Brutal death metal band Brodequin, named after a French medieval leg crushing torture device, include former Besieged and Enter Self drummer Chad Walls in the ranks. The debut album Instruments of Torture was self financed but later re-issued by both Ablated Records, and Extremis Productions, then finally returned to Unmatched Butality Records owned by Brodequin guitar player Mike Bailey.

Brodequin's Jamie Bailey would fill in as a vocalist for Disgorge on their 2002 American and European tour dates. Chad Walls was also relieved of drum duties for Brodequin in 2002 and a permanent replacement was found in Jon Engman of Foetopsy.

Drummer Chad Walls would later figure in Dislimb and Inextya. He also featured in Pustulated. Jamie Bailey united with ex-Disgorge vocalist Matti Way, and Mike and Jon from Brodequin to found Liturgy in 2003. Brodequin marked a return in December of 2004 with the album 'Methods of Execution', released by Unmatched Brutality Records.