Gaahlskagg - Biography

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Gaahlskagg is a Norwegian black metal band from Sunnfjord, Norway, founded in 1998 by Gaahl (former frontman of Gorgoroth and God Seed) and Skagg. Gaahl and Skagg were also members of the band Sigfader at the time, and they established this band to create more extreme and shocking music.

They first released the Split CD: Erotic Funeral Party I together with Stormfront in 1999. Then in 2000 they released their first full-length: Erotic Funeral, which was recorded in Grieghallen studios during 1999[2].

Currently Gaahlskagg are working on their second full-length album: Av Norrønt Blod which is to be released in the near future. For this release Høst (of Taake) will do some guest vocals.

The planned re-release of their debut Erotic Funeral as a set of three 7" LP's (containing the album split into Erotic Funeral party I - III) has been denied by their label. No Colours Records instead re-released the album as 12" LP limited in blue (100 pcs.) and black vinyl.