Fatum Elisum - Biography

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March: Creation of the band. The original line-up was: Sator (drums), Hugo (lead guitar), Christophe (guitar), Céline (keyboards) and Asgeirr (bass guitar). After several weeks of writing music and rehearsing, the band decided not to include keyboards in his music.
July: Ende joined the band as singer. The band continued writing songs.
November: first gig in Rouen, with Ataraxie and Indesinence

Writing and work the first recording.
March: another gig in Rouen with Absynth and Yuck.
May: gig in Paris with Esoteric and Rising Dust.
End of June/beginning of July: recording of the first album with the mighty Julien Bous from Postghost Recordings.
September: mixing and mastering of the album by Julien Bous.
October: the band separated from his former drummer Sator.
November: Christophe, Asgeirr's brother, joined the band, after his first gig with Fatum Elisum, with Stabwound and D.C.A.
The band began to search for a label.
Beginning of the work for the second album

February: gig in Rouen with Ataraxie, Warkult and Absynth.
April: Fatum Elisum was on the bill of the first edition of the Rotomagus Doomicus Metallicus Festival with Mourning Beloveth, Mournful Congregation, Ataraxie, Longing For Dawn and Mourning Dawn.
May: the band signed a deal with the label Aesthetic Death.
August: the band was on the bill of the Festival des Arts Bourrins, with Ataraxie and Céleste.
1st September: released of the first album.
October: gig at the Dutch Doom Days with Count Raven, Spiritus Mortis, Ereb Altor and the 11th Hour.
Writing and rehearsing for the second album.

Writing and rehearsing for the second album.
May: gig in Rouen with Eibon.
October: gig in Paris for the Doom Over Paris IV, with Ataraxie, Ophis, Inborn Suffering and Aathma.
November: gig in Rouen with Ataraxie and Mhönos
December: recording of the second album, Homo Nihilis with Julien Bous.

February: recording of the vocals in the church of Cailly with Julien Bous.