Rain Delay - Biography




Formed in Belgrade, Serbia (January 5th, 2003), initially as a three-piece semi-acoustic project, Rain Delay grew into a promising and daring young band that pushed many musical boundaries with their debut As I Bequeath My Yesterday (Active Time Records). Their sophomore release We Forget (Mr. Metal Records) represents a very listenable, nevertheless radio-friendly, sui generis form of fusion metal, enhanced by influences of Gothenburg/melodic death metal.

Now cherished by all sorts of music fans, also appreciated by their colleagues as a very professional band, they played numerous gigs, concerts and festivals in over 30 towns in their homeland, such as the famous EXIT festival in Novi Sad. Also, they were the opening act for bands Katatonia, Klimt 1918, Charon and Antimatter. In 2008, the band composed the music for a movie by Nebojša Radosavljević called "Who the Fuck is Miloš Branković?" which premiered on 36th at the Belgrade film festival of the same year.

2009 brought tightening in the Rain Delay line-up, which made them fit for new coming musical and promotional challenges. Expansion on a foreign market (that just might be well beyond their current underground popularity) is in progress...

(Source: http://www.rain-delay.net/band.php)