Mortem - Biography





There are very few bands nowadays which keep playing with such feeling as MORTEM.

Their music definitely transmits the feelings of darkness and gloominess. The style of music they play could be described as Death Metal, but they play it in a unique way that no other band plays nowadays. Although having their undeniable touch of originality, their music has that special authenticity that reminds us of the old bands, with so many refreshing ideas that most bands have absolutely forgotten these days of predictable trends.

The reason for this is that MORTEM is a band which is heavily rooted in the past.

MORTEM hails from Lima, Perú, where it was formed back in 1986 by brothers Alvaro Amduscias (drums/vocals) and Fernán Nebiros (all guitars) Through the years and having very little support from the worldwide scene as a result of being from a Southamerican country and after countless line-up changes, they recorded 4 demos but still remained almost unknown to the rest of the world, where only few people and zines got to listen to these tapes. But from these few the response was always the same: they were marvelled by the spirit MORTEM's music transmitted. They were even hailed by some as an "important piece of Southamerica's Underground Metal Scene History". These remarks caught the attention of a peruvian label that released their debut album called "DEMON TALES", then reissued under the German label MERCILESS RECORDS, which signed the band for a 2 record deal.

In 1998 the band released their second full-length album called "THE DEVIL SPEAKS IN TONGUES" which got only excellent reviews in the underground metal press worldwide.

In the year 2000 MORTEM proudly present their 3rd opus: "DECOMPOSED BY POSSESSION", a 9 track Death Metal assault (+ 2 covers) that shows the band is there to prove Extreme Metal is far from being dead. Refreshing from the beginning to the end, this album explores all the possibilities of their genre without losing their authenticity for a second, nor their devotion to the occult. Extreme heaviness, mid tempos & corpsegrinding speed. This is a true lesson in Extreme Metal and a must for everyone who claims to be a true metaller. Music played in the most authentic Metal tradition. Check it out if you're a true Metalhead!!!

1986: MORTEM is formed as a 2-piece band by A. Amduscias
(drums/vocals and Fernán Nebiros (all guitars and bass)
1987: They search for other members.
Still as a 2-piece they record a rehearsal
"Historias de la Cripta" (5 songs in Spanish)
1988: First complete 4 piece line-up, live debut in the "Ataque Metal I"
and recording of 2 rehearsal tracks in Spanish.
1989: New line-up. They record their first demo tape "Evil Dead"
(6 songs in English)
1990: They continue composing new tracks and playing live
1991: They record their 2nd demo "Superstition" (4 tracks + intro)
1992: Vomit Of The Earth" , their first studio demo was recorded.
Only 3 tracks this time due to studio costs.
1993: They record their fourth demo "Unearth The Buried Evil"
(5 tracks + intro).
1995: They record their debut album "Demon Tales" on
Coyote/Huasipungo Records from Peru.
1996: Their debut album is reissued by Merciless Rec. from Germany.
1998: Their 2nd album "The Devil Speaks In Tongues" is recorded.
2000: They record and release their 3rd album
"Decomposed By Possession" under Merciless Records.
2004: The band signs with Underground Cult label IRON PEGASUS and record their fourth attack.
2005: "De Natura Daemonun" is the name chosen for the fourth album... coming out really soon!!!