Hieronymus Bosch - Biography




The band was founded in November 1993, in Moscow. By 25 December 1993 the band recorded its first demo, and performed live for the first time , within a month from recording of the demo. Since then, Hieronymus Bosch is a frequent guest at various venues.

The next step was the recording of a studio demo, consisting of six new songs, under the work title of "Petra Scandali", which happened to be the first serious studio experience for the band (July 1994). That very autumn was also marked by the first release of Hieronymus Bosch - "The Apogee" appeared in the "Thrash Tvoyu Mat' - Part 1" metal compilation CD. Henceforth, various compositions from the "Petra Scandali" demo were included in numerous metal compilations.

For about six month the band strenuously works on the stage as well as during frequent rehearsals, preparing for the planned recording of a full-fledged debut album. Eventually, in January 1995 the musicians get down to work in a studio. Within two weeks, at Aria Records studio, Hieronymus Bosch finishes work on its first album "The Human Abstract". Through a protracted search of a suitable issuer label, "The Human Abstract" album only saw light as late as in autumn 1995. From that moment on, the band headlines more and more concerts, due to the high sales of the album.

By the beginning of 1996, Hieronymus Bosch is working on the new material. Unfortunately, the working process was suspended, on account of the departure of Vladimir Leiviman, the leader of the band. In summer 1998, the group reunites and attempts to record an EP. Yet, the plans were not fated to be carried out. In July 1998, Pavel Bogoroditsky passed away. Having lost the permanent drummer and the close friend, musicians appear at the crossroads, imperceptive of the further destiny of the project. Only in June 2003, having invited Andrey Ischenko (End Zone, Symbol, Scrambled Defuncts, Catharsis), an old friend and colleague, to join as a new drummer, the band was finally reborn.

In 2005, two releases saw light the reissue of 1995th The Human Abstract and a new release Artificial Emotions that are currently best selling in Russia via local label CD-Maximum.

Hieronymus Bosch is distributed in stores in Russia and via Firebox and The End Records online distribution around the world.

The band performed their last concert in April of 2010.