Skogen - Biography




Founded in 2009, SKOGEN to date have released 4 albums - starting with 2009's "Vittra" and followed by 2011's "Svitjod", 2012's "Eld" and this years "I Döden" they provide robust, rough-hewn blackened metal with moonlit and melancholic folk influences, weaving a tapestry of triumph, tragedy, loss and remembrance.

With I Döden (In Death), the latest mark in their legacy of bleak, dark and highly atmospheric musical adventure the band takes a few steps back to the days of "Vittra" and "Svitjod" Skogen manage to blend the past, combined with new fantastic elements that surely reflects their always recognizable sound in a most pleasant way.

"I Döden" is a gloomy journey through hollow stone lands that places it's listener on a pedal of northern darkness and death! The strongest and most mature Skogen release up to this date!