Claymore - Biography




The BulgarianSymphonic Progressive BlackMetal bandCLAYMOREis formed in the summer of 1999 in the city of Ruse.
Founding members are Kamen (bass), Martin (guitar). Choosing the keyboard was complex and after three months of auditions we chose Tsvetelin (keyboards) - He became one of the pillars of Claymore. After a number of changes over the years, the current staff is:Martin- guitar;Kamen-drums;Tsvetelin- keyboards,Emil- vocals& bass;

CLAYMOREquickly became popular among Bulgarian fans with unique and pure style of melodic death/black metal combining aggression and melody in one,with influences from other styles like progressive,heavy,thrash,death,black metal,grind,as well as a good amount of classical music.
Their first ever performancewasin September 1999 to start a long tour in many cities across Bulgaria,captivating audiences everywhere. This earnedthem a place at the biggest Bulgarian Underground Music Festival (Bourgas 2000).But this wasjustthe beginning.

At the end of 2000CLAYMORErecordedtheir first demo tracks,quickly followed by a demo CDcalled"Warriors of Claymore",whichwasposted on many web magazines and played on radio shows in Bulgaria and abroad.
During 2002CLAYMOREworked hard on the sound quality for the recording of the actual demo"Released"consisting of 5 songs. These songs represent their style and part of their live shows.
CLAYMORE 'sremarkable popularity and success earnedthem a places in:

· "Trash till Death",
· "Heatework festival",
· "Heart Rock festival",
· "Chaos fest",
· "Massacre Fest",
· "Legacy Open Air Fest",
· "Barock Fest",
· "Nightmare Fest",
· "Ost festival",
· "Sea Black Festival",
· "Urpin Fest"etc.,where they played alongsidewithwell known international

bands likeDestruction,Dimmu Borgir,Primordial,Mystic Circle,NapalmDeath,Sinister, Lord Belial,Graveworm,Eastern Front,Exumer,Negura Bunget,Izegrim,Spoil Engine,Zombie INC, etc.
CLAYMORE recorded their first full-lenght album"Prolonged Active Antagonism" and took part in "Black Curse Over Europe" tour in 2008. The album is out on D.O.P. (Bulgaria). Official mp3 distributors are Forces of Satan (Norway), Toxicity Records - Vodafone Live (Bulgaria).

They want to spread their music among the Underground circles all over the world.That actually happens - completion of the second album"Vengeance is Near"led to a deal with the Japanese labelRed Rivet Records great step in the progress of the band . Included is the song "Centuries of chaos part II" compilation magazineTERRORIZERissue 247.

After much effort, the band realized another dream: In 2014,CLAYMOREmake his first European tour"Vengenace is Near"which passes through Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria. The second tour"Between Two Worlds"(2015) covers more countries -Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany. Both events are made possible with the help of the Municipal Foundation "Ruse-city free spirit."