The Morningside - Biography


There is version you can find out from different sources saying that group The Morningside exists from the very beginning of the world. That its drummer being husband declining years old drummed fervently during the first Azov campaign of Peter the Great. It may well be.

Nevertheless history of group these web-pages are devoted to, started from May 2005. That time Igor Nikitin stopped his active work in the frameworks of britpop project Piterpen and decided to alter and finish something from his heavy-metal record of 1993-94. That was accomplished unhurriedly with support of bas-guitarist Ilya Egorychev. "The Shadows Of The Past" was recorded in the beginning of 2006 unhurriedly as well after that the work under debut album was started.

By that time guitarist Sergey Chelyadinov joined the project, and a little bit later in summer 2006 drummer Vlad Zaychikov joined as well. So The Morningside initially was established as a studio project became the full group and began its rehearsals.

In the beginning 2007 Vlad left the team because of high workload in other bands. So his place was taken by inimitable Boris Sergeev. So composed, the team exists to present day works on new records and continues performing regularly in Moscow and other Russian cities.

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