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The Nihilistic Front - Biography




The Nihilistic Front formed in January 2005. The initial intent was to fuse elements from bands like Godflesh and Disembowelment and would be an instrumental one-man solo project. It became apparent that something was missing, so Gaz called upon Chris, an old f(r)iend from Excarnated to contribute on vocals. Gaz had previously spent a few years on guitar/bass in Excarnated, and had also formed Antichrist with Chris in 1996 so there was never any other vocalist in mind.

Rehearsals began in June 2006 after much discussion/drinking. Chris had not sung for a few months after disbanding Excarnated, and Gaz had not rehearsed with humans for well over 5 years. Despite this, things came together quite easily and recorded the debut release The Four Seasons In Misery in late 2006 (released early 2007). After a lengthy break, The Null Factor Law was written and recorded. Initially intended for a 2007 release on lathe vinyl, the release was put on hold indefinitely. A reworked version eventually resurfaced as a free download from Bandcamp.

Throughout 2008/early 2009 we wrote and recorded another full-length album entitled Total Disgust For Mankind. This album contains three filthy tracks of doom and death. We reconvened in late 2009 to work on two new tracks of doomed destruction, and had written two tracks early in 2010. The band was then put on hold for the rest of the year. During this time Chris completed the first full length album for his solo band Pervertum Obscurum.

By mid 2011 a third full length was finally completed, and Apocryphal Dirge was unleashed.

As no new material had been written since early 2010, we commenced writing for the fourth album immediately following the release of Apocryphal Dirge. Demo's for the next album were complete by early 2011 and we are currently preparing to record our next onslaught of Doom.

This album was released by Aesthetic Death Records in July 2013.

We have never played live although we plan on possibly doing a few shows in the future (you can view rehearsal footage from the video link below).