A Dream Of Poe - Biography




A Dream of Poe is a solo project by Miguel Santos, a well known musician and producer in the Azorean islands.

It began in 2005, but it was on October 2006 that A Dream of Poe released its first work. Delirium Tremens was the name chosen for the demo. It featured two original songs and a cover and it had great reviews throughout Europe.

Only in 2007, with the first edition of the festival "October Loud" (organized by Miguel Santos and a friend), A Dream of Poe had its first opportunity to play live. For this performance, A Dream of Poe had the help of several Azorean musicians.

It was with a great surprise that the audience and the critics saw this first live appearance. One year after, A Dream of Poe returned to October Loud's stage where A Dream of Poe gave a performance that surprised everyone. It was the biggest and best live show from A Dream of Poe. A Dream of Poe was able to set up a professional show that amazed everyone. From the wardrobe to the dry leaves on the floor, everything was taken in account.

On November 18th 2008 that performance was released for free download under the title For a Glance of the Lost Lenore. At that same time, the videos of the same performance were uploaded to Youtube.com.

Still in 2008, A Dream of Poe took part of a tribute CD, Echoes of a Morbid Death, to the Azorean Metal band Morbid Death with a cover of the song Gentle Whisper and for the international tribute Mires of Sorrow to My Dying Bride, A Dream of Poe recorded the song For My Fallen Angel.

The year of 2009 was entirely dedicated to studio work. Due to many reasons the second studio work that had the release date to 2007 has suffered several delays. Two years after the original release date, on October 7th 2009, the EP Sorrow For The Lost Lenore was released.

This work featured three original songs and two covers, Gentle Whisper and For My Fallen Angel. The EP was made available on the internet for free download.

On the first six months of its release, Sorrow For The Lost Lenore was downloaded more than 1000 times.

Playing since 2005 and after one demo, one Live CD and one EP, A Dream of Poe releases a new EP that is a preview of its upcoming Album to be released later this year.

Recorded between February and April 2010, the third studio work, Lady of Shalott, was released on May 30th. Lady of Shalott features a new vocalist, João Melo. João is a very dynamic vocalist and we can listen to his great melancholic voice and also his deep growl that make this EP a new step for A Dream of Poe.

Featuring two versions of the song Lady of Shalott, the album version and a short version, this EP leads us to what will the first album be in the history of A Dream of Poe. Besides the song Lady of Shalott, this EP presents us with a cover of The Cure. Here the song If only tonight we could sleep was stripped down and dressed up again with an even darker and gloomier clothes making this one colossal Doom Metal song!

Having released the EP Sorrow For The Lost Lenore back in October 2009 for download only, this new EP includes two songs from the previous work, but do not think it was just copied and pasted from one to another! The songs Whispers of Osiris and Laudanum were both remixed and remastered to fit the actual sound of Lady of Shalott EP. With the intention of giving them a new life, making it sound even better and bigger!

As Sorrow For The Lost Lenore was wrote back in 2007, even though it was only released in 2009, this new EP, Lady of Shalott, gives an overall idea about the evolution of A Dream of Poe.

2010 will be spent recording the debut album and rehearsing for the first European Tour set for the first months of 2011.

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