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Capharnaum - Biography




The band has existed since 1993 with sole members/brothers Jason and Jordan, when they started Jason (guitars) was 13 and Jordan (drums) was 9, I know that is hard to believe but ask anyone who knows us...when these songs were recorded, Jordan was 14... I know you wont believe me, but its true... We have been a fully functioning line up since 1995 and put out a CD in early 1997 entitled "Reality Only Fantasized"... now Capharnaum has regrouped in Florida and we have our New CD out!!
After recording "Fractured" we shopped it to a few labels and Willowtip seemed to be the best choice!
"Fractured" was recorded at Jason Suecof's own AudioHammer Studios (Monstrosity, Trivium) and contains 8 tracks that are extremely well written and catchy while displaying unparallel musicianship and technicality.