Týr - Biography



This story begins one evening in January 1998, when Heri Joensen met his old bandmate, Kàri Streymoy, at a ball in central Copenhagen, and shouted at him in a raspy drunken voice through the noise and smoke, "You know, we should jam someday". Kàri shook his head in hopelessness and replied. "No way man, I haven't held a drumstick in two years".

However sad and hopeless this situation may seem, it escalated, and the plot thickened with the joining of another old bandmate, Gunnar H. Thomsen, making the duo a trio.

Before they could say "Hey, let's make a band!", they found themselves making music heavily inspired by Faroese traditional music, Black Sabbath, old Norse mythology, Dream Theater and classical music.

The years passed, line-ups changed, and time took it's toll on these guys, grinding the band down to it's hard core, which lists as follows:

Heri Joensen - Vocals & Guitar
Terji Skibenæs - Guitar
Gunnar H. Thomsen - Bass
Kàri Streymoy - Drums

These characters all originate from an inconspicuously small group of windy islands in the north Atlantic, named the Faeroes (Føroyar in Faeroese) by Grímur Kamban. It means "sheep islands" in old Norse. People from these very islands frequently travel to Denmark for educational purposes, driven by their curious nature.

A thousand years ago these people believed in other gods, as did the neighbouring kingdoms across the sea. Amongst these gods were Tórur, Óðin and Loki. Another one was named Týr, the god of war. He was the bravest of the gods, and in time he was privileged to give name to the band at the peak of music evolution.

Taken from http://www.tyr.net