Pressure Points - Biography




The history of Pressure Points goes back to the late summer of 2004, Heinola, Finland. Kari and Vili shared the same musical interests and on one night they talked about Kari's idea of starting a little project. They were immediately excited about it. Soon they were jamming together and noticing that it might work. As it started to do so, some of Kari's old riffs and jam sessions ended up finding their places in lengthy songs. Enthusiasm grew and they started to take the idea a little more seriously than in the very beginning, no longer a side-project among the others. They started to look for a bass player and quickly found one: Janne Parikka. He joined in the fall, after a few months from the start. With this setup the band went on for half a year and made their first demo, which was released in the beginning of 2005.

The first untitled demo consisted of five lenghty songs. It was recorded in the rehearsal space and therefore the sound quality wasn't quite good, but overall it fulfilled its function and made it possible for the band to move on. After the completion of the demo it was time to recruit more members because the band had to start thinking about live performances. After some time and a few guitar candidates later, the band managed to get Juho Suortti as a permanent member on the second guitar. He had previously played in the same band with Janne and knew Kari and Vili also, so he was no stranger. 2005 was all about making new songs and training in the band's rehearsal space at Rulla, Heinola. They rehearsed songs from the demo while also writing new material.

2006 was a difficult year for Pressure Points due to personal life situations considering work and studies. The four members lived all around Finland making schedules almost impossible to create. Kari graduated and moved to Seinäjoki (over 300km away from Heinola), Janne was studying in Tampere and Juho in Jyväskylä. Vili was learning some defending skills in the army the whole year. The rehearsal space was in Heinola, of course. Yet, practice was still routine. The song "Edge Of Endurance" was recorded that year, with the band focusing on the start of their upcoming website. The band began looking for a keyboard player in order to perform live, which proved quite difficult.

Finally in 2007, keyboardist Veli-Matti Kyllönen was recruited, and in May the band performed live for the Ääni ja Vimma competition, which resulted in early elimination. In the fall Pressure Points went on their six-gig Nightmare Before Christmas tour with Gloria Morti from Heinola and Crystalic from Tampere. Then the band decided to hit up the recording studio.

A promo CD was released to webzines and labels, containing two songs: "Pain Dimension" (which was re-recorded) and "Edge Of Endurance" (as a bonus track from 2006). The promo CD Pain Dimension was eventually sent out in 2008, to positive reviews.

The band continued with more live performances (most notably alongside Omnium Gatherum), and decided on recording a full-length recording.

In January of 2009 the band toured with Keep Of Kalessin across Finland. In April (after recordings for the debut full-length were complete) the band inked a record deal with Finnish Firebox Records in September. More gigs followed and finally, in January 2010, Remorses To Remember was released.